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"I had the pleasure of working with Ben at HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017 as well as Smart Workforce Summit 2016.


Ben is a very engaging speaker who presents with passion and humour. He clearly knows his subject matter very well and is able to communicate his knowledge to the audience in a very articulate, informative and concise manner. His presentations not only give you the tools you need to power ahead with your organisation’s internal employee experience but also leave you inspired to take action.


The feedback from Ben’s sessions on speaker quality, presentation style, content as well as application value was very positive and highly rated by our audience. He was a delight to work with and as the lead of an event management team I can safely say that he made my team’s job very easy. 


If you are looking for an informative speaker who has mastered the subject of employee experience, definitely give Ben a call!"


Emma Dean, Events Director, HRM Asia


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