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How not to onboard staff

Ben is featured in the latest edition of HR Grapevine Magazine discussing the on-boarding experience and some of the current pitfalls to be avoided within this part of the employee experience.

"Successful onboarding is fairly straightforward in theory, and should be in practice too. The easiest method of charting a successful onboarding process is to stop thinking of it as a process in the first place, but more an experience. From that perspective you are free to design the experience in full and shape the early stages of an employee’s early stages within the organisation aligning learning and orientation activities that set the right context for what is to come and the future stages of the employee experience journey.

In effect, keeping in mind the employee experience and intentionally designing the first experiences of new employees is the best way to ensure new staff thrive, not just survive, in those initial interactions with their new workplace."

You can view the full article here


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