EX Waves: Answering Your Questions on Employee Experience

I am very excited about the launch of EX Waves - The Employee Experience Podcast this month. I'll be taking your questions throughout each month and will use them within each show.

I am used to being a guest on podcasts, but this is my first adventure into hosting our very own show.

I'll need your help!

Having received quite a few questions, we're all set for January, but if you do have some themes or topics that you would like me to address with guests then please do submit them to us: hello@worldeeinstitute.com or via the website.

During our upcoming one-day masterclasses in London, I will be helping colleagues to define, design, and deliver exceptional employee experiences.

You can check out the details and book your place here. The early bird price is still available, but you'll need to be quick.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Delighted to be heading to Spain in May to keynote the EX for Global Enterprise conference. At the same time, I'll be hosting other EX events in Madrid so be sure to reach out if you're in Spain and would like to work with me in some way.

The first-ever EX Hero is set to be announced tomorrow! The campaign, sponsored by the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI), honours colleagues making a difference in the world of EX. We'll be sharing learning and insights every month from professionals on the front-line of employee experience.

You can now catch my 'live' radio interview with Chris Dyer in podcast form. There's about 30 minutes of good employee experience discussion and dialogue. Check it out here.

Microsoft is a company on top form when it comes to EX at the moment. Across departments, they have been hitting EX gold with human-centric practices and some serious investment into the experience of work. From tech, to buildings, to benefits, Microsoft is pushing boundaries to put humans at the centre of the business.

In the UK, the company has been hosting events to help people back into work after career breaks, but the star example is the picture below. A personalised letter to a new born baby, not the parents or employee! Love it!

That's the one-minute update for now. I'll be posting much more content here this year so stay in touch and do reach out if I can ever be of service to you and your employees!

Enjoy the Experience!



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