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The World's "Mr Employee Experience"

Human Experience at Work (2021) debuted as the #1 best-selling new HR book in the UK & USA
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Ben Whitter was recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the World's leading management thinkers in 2021; he is regarded as the world's leading authority on employee experience and his compelling work has reached over 18 million colleagues worldwide.


Working across cultures and contexts, Ben is a unique global voice in the world of work and is a prolific speaker, writer, coach, and advisor; he helps organisations build advanced EX capabilities and thinking to deliver exceptional human and business outcomes.

Workshop Leader
Strategy Advisor
Keynote Speaker 
Executive Coach

Ranked by Industry: HR Most Influential Thinker 2021 
 HR Magazine

Voted by You: Top 30 Organisational Culture Speaker in the World 2021 
 Global Gurus

Voted by You: Top 30 Management Thinker in the World to Watch in 2021 Thinkers50

Voted by Peers: Top 8 - Distinguished Achievement Award - Talent - 2021 Thinkers50

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Ben's typical work revolves around:


  • Multinational corporations

  • Ambitious high growth businesses

  • Industry associations

  • Bodies such as SHRM

  • Conference and event producers

  • CEO's, Heads of EX, Chief People Officers, Directors of HR and employee-facing functions 

  • EX tech providers and consulting firms

Guiding companies to deliver a high impact local and global EX strategy and related functions, priorities, roles and responsibilities (advisory)

Acting as a catalyst to inspire leaders and audiences to take action on EX (speaking) 

Building EX understanding and capabilties within leaders/professionals (coaching)