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Rodney Jordan

“One of the World’s leading figures within employee experience is Ben Whitter.

His compelling thought leadership, commentary and advocacy for employee experience is provoking the right conversations among HR executives right now. If you get the opportunity to attend one of Ben’s events or keynotes in person, take it.”

Rodney Jordan, Senior Director, Executive & Global Internal Communications at McDonald's

Mark Levy

"Ben is being talked about as the World’s ‘Mr Employee Experience’, and rightly so.


He is at the forefront globally of shaping a new HR and workplace agenda. His thought leadership, which has featured our employee experience at Airbnb, has garnered a lot of attention worldwide and I have also co-hosted development sessions with him; his events are inspiring, real and authentic experiences. Bottom-line- he walks the talk. If you want to get ahead with the employee experience within your business, call Ben or get yourself to one of his fantastic events."

Mark Levy, Global Head of Employee Experience, Airbnb, the World's #1 workplace rated by employees; Glassdoor 2016

Alison Todd

"In 2016, I attended Europe’s first employee experience conference in London, which Ben chaired and co-designed; it was the best HR event I have ever attended.


Ben is inspiring like-minded individuals across the globe to work together to develop their thinking about the employee experience and to share experiences of making this work – this is shaping the way we deliver the whole experience of work in the future. Working with Ben has convinced me that we are on the cusp of big changes in the way we deliver this experience for our employees – this is not just for HR to deliver but for leaders across the business."

Alison Todd, Director of Talent Acquisition, Sky 

Jayesh Menon

"Ben is a champion of employee experience. His passion for the topic, sense of humour and a purpose driven approach makes him a true Mr. Employee Experience! I am looking forward to more of his sharing and research on the topic."

Jayesh Menon, Global HR Leader; Chair, Asia HR Summit 2016

Dave Ulrich
Shaun Rein
Monir Azzouzi

"Globally, employee experience is really big news in 2017, and leading this new workplace agenda is Ben Whitter. He is at the very top of his game and is making a phenomenal contribution to the world of employee experience and HR. I know personally the massive impact his work has had in China and Asia in setting a new focus for HR and the workplace. He’s unique in that he practices, speaks, researches, consults and advocates across markets so what you get is a truly global and leading-edge experience working with him.


He’s definitely the #1 figure in employee experience around the World right now."


Shaun Rein, Managing Director, China Market Research Group (CMR); Author, 'The End of Copycat China'; Columnist for Forbes & BusinessWeek; Business commentator: CNN, CBS News, and Bloomberg



"I see Ben as one of the global thought leaders within employee experience. Not only does he have the theoretical knowledge, but he's been practicing what he speaks. His talks are always enlightening and his articles are often thought provoking, and well thought through."

Monir Azzouzi, Head of Employee Experience, Maxis Berhad 



Ben Perez

"Ben is an influential global voice in HR.  He has a compelling vision for employee experience and how it can increase value and drive business performance and differentiation.  I also really enjoy talking with Ben because he is a genuine expert in Asian business and culture, and he’s incredibly passionate about giving a platform to the leading innovation happening in our part of the world."

Ben Perez | Asia Pacific Experience Management Leader | Advisory | Ernst & Young 


Laszlo Reich

“My 'audience experience' of listening to Ben Whitter present at a recent HR summit:


  • Thought-provoking, and relevant topic – presented in an engaging, interactive way, Ben presents with a great sense of humour whilst clearly positioning the importance of the employee experience and backs up his arguments with facts/research.

  • Ben showed a deep understanding of the importance of contextualizing employee experience to Asian cultures and different demographic groups.

  • Ben is a great speaker. It was a pleasure to listen to and learn from him."

Laszlo Reich, Head of People & Leadership, Siemens

Niall Doorley

“Icon worked with 'Mr. Employee Experience’, Ben Whitter, on producing Europe's first conference exclusively focused on employee experience, which was a huge success and highly rated by delegates from the World's leading brands in December 2016. The conference was chaired & part-designed by Ben. 


Ben is one of the World’s leading figures on employee experience. With over one million views, his article on the future of HR introduced employee experience to a truly global audience and is one of the most shared and talked about HR articles on the planet at the moment. HR audiences globally have told us directly that it remains one of the most important contributions to the evolution of HR this year. It was a major influence on Icon producing this event."

Niall Doorley, Events Director, ICON Group

Emma Dean

"I had the pleasure of working with Ben at HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017 as well as Smart Workforce Summit 2016.


Ben is a very engaging speaker who presents with passion and humour. He clearly knows his subject matter very well and is able to communicate his knowledge to the audience in a very articulate, informative and concise manner. His presentations not only gives you the tools you need to power ahead with your organisation’s internal employee experience but also leave you inspired to take action.


The feedback from Ben’s sessions on speaker quality, presentation style, content as well as application value was very positive and highly rated by our audience. He was a delight to work with and as the lead of an event management team I can safely say that he made my team’s job very easy. 


If you are looking for an informative speaker who has mastered the subject of employee experience, definitely give Ben a call!"


Emma Dean, Events Director, HRM Asia


Christian Kuhna

"I was invited to talk at an HR Conference Ben hosted in London, and Ben really made it such an enjoyable experience, asking the right questions, constantly keeping the group active and engaged and adding his special humour. Really one of the best!”

Christian Kuhna, Director HR Strategy - Think Tank Future Trends & Innovation at Adidas

“Ben Whitter is a real HR guru and world leading expert on employee experience.

Ben gave a presentation about the importance of employee experience at a large HR event we organised in Qingdao in China and the feedback was extremely positive. I strongly recommend Ben as a keynote speaker and presenter particularly on the topic of employee experience but also on other HR topics.

I wouldn't hesitate to invite Ben to present again at future HR conferences.”

Alastair James McTavish 安泰, Managing Director, Captivate Training & Consulting

Abdullah Almqasbi

"At The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), Ben was a champion of the campus as he had an incomparable excitement and dedication for enhancing the staff, student, and customer experience. From day one, Ben established himself as a partner, not a senior manager or consultant. 


Ben is extremely insightful, supportive and approachable at all times. During his time at the University, Ben positively influenced the campus experience, and for that, the UNNC community owes him a great deal.


His expertise in the field of HR, his humbleness and openness to work with students were exceptional. His ability to work with students and to treat them as peers and colleagues was certainly inspiring and motivational. He's a true mentor, leader and a friend when it comes to working with students, and I'm happy I got the chance to work with him. ”


Abdullah Almiqasbi, Recipient of Schwarzman Scholarship 2017 at the prestigious Tsinghua University and President of the Student Union 2015-16 at UNNC


Richard Wood

"Ben is one of the new breed of organisational development professionals.

His commitment and passion for employee experience focused knowledge-sharing across the region is infectious. Approachable, humorous & insightful, Ben was very well received during a recent panel discussion on employee engagement and I look forward to partnering with him again in the future."

Richard Wood, Organisational Psychologist at Celemi

Emily Douglas

"I sought Ben's expertise for several features on Development, HR and Resourcing, for HR Grapevine magazine. He provided amazingly insightful, in-depth and valuable commentary on a wide array of subjects - he always took a new and exciting approach to HR, thinking outside of the box in a way that encouraged other people to do the same.

I'll definitely be calling on him again for future features!"

Emily Douglas, Online Editor at Business Grapevine

Amy Brann

“Ben is the go-to guy on employee experience. He blends curiosity that uncovers deeper levels in companies, research and passion to inspire and challenge. If you are committed to organisational excellence then you need to be exploring the things Ben is talking about. It makes brain sense!”


Amy Brann, Author of 'Engaged', 'Neuroscience for Coaches' and 'Make Your Brain Work'

Dr Nicola Davies

“I called on Ben's expertise for an article I was writing on trends in human resources. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but he was also a fountain of knowledge on the topic. He gave my article a unique angle that no other interviewee had, providing me with in-depth insights into the current and future landscape of HR. I would certainly work with him again; indeed, I hope I do get to work with him again."

Dr Nicola Davies, Features Writer, EyeforPharma 

Steven Li

“I got to know Ben as we share common ground within Employer Brand/Employee Engagement/Leadership, he is really a sharp thinker and insightful writer on such topics as evidenced through his article <Bye, Bye, Human Resources?>, which introduced the new role of Employee Experience within organisations such as Airbnb. This created a big stir and has become a global hit.


This article is now also a hit in China after we published it through LinLead's WeChat Corporate Account with Ben's approval."

Steven Li, Event Producer, LinLead Employer Branding

Anna Evans

"Ben is a true professional within the HR and OD profession. Ben has established himself as an emerged leader across many OD functions and being able to share his best practice and implement ideas within my own organisation has added true value. Ben is absolutely a people person and inspires and motivates people whilst simultaneously coaching them in order to allow others to grow and develop on their own.

A true asset and true advocate for HR and OD."

Anna Evans, L&D Business Partner, Warburtons

Dr Richard Claydon
Jennifer Cunningham
Pam Markham-Barrett

"As we navigate the complex currents swirling around the future of work, it starts to be clear that employees and culture will become the backbone of a company's ability to compete. With organizations competing for hard-to-find talent, an excellent culture can swing decisions to join, stay, or leave.


Ben's work enables organisations to begin taking part in this conversation, enabling them to find their feet in the midst of cultural complexity and start understanding what it means to deliver a great employee experience. If you don't want the digital age to leave you standing, it's a conversation you need to start having now. Ben's keynotes, presentations and workshops can help you grab that opportunity while it's still hot."

Dr Richard Claydon, Founder, The Ironic Manager


"Ben's employee experience masterclass was both inspiring and engaging. Ben is clearly a master of this topic and through the workshop helped clearly outline a framework for empex strategy development whilst demonstrating through real life case studies what is possible regardless of industry or budget.  


Totally worthwhile investment if talent is a priority for your org!"


Jennifer Cunningham, Head of Employee Experience & Insights, Hologic, Inc 

"The Sydney Masterclass was highly interactive and practical.  A small group meant you really felt that personal touch and there was an opportunity to really learn from Ben and others in the room.  Key takeaways for us were that we were doing some stuff already, but just needed to join the dots a bit more.  We also realised we needed to ask the right questions to really challenge our thinking around the type of employee experience we could create at our organisation.  Finally we learnt not to procrastinate – just start, as small steps can also change the world."


Pam Markham-Barrett, Head of Reward & HR Services, Bank of New Zealand 


Dr Filippo Gilardi

“I worked with Ben at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) where he was in charge of several projects to increase staff motivation and engagement. Ben collaborated across departments to make these projects successful and disseminated the importance of high quality service.


Ben implemented and delivered a wide ranging programme to develop the staff experience at UNNC, which included a new performance review approach, leadership development, coaching and mentoring, and he also led efforts to enhance the campus experience in partnership with staff and the Student Union.


Ben is an outstanding professional and communicator, with an innate curiosity and strong people skills”



Dr Filippo Gilardi, Campus Senior Tutor, Director of IC Research Committee, UNNC



Gulshin Ijaz

"Ben’s evidence-based model for employee experience really helps build the business case for intervention, which is particularly useful in a university environment where the business is all about research and academia!"



Gulshin Ijaz

Organisational Development Manager

Queen Mary University of London


Netta Fiss

"I met Ben during a professional conference I participated in during November 2017. Ben's workshop was different than others. It was more of: "walk the talk" - it was a great experience. Not just a presentation with information, it was an experience to me. The content was delivered differently. The X factor as I see it is: different experience + practical tips to execute first thing in the morning. 


Ben is inspiring...Ben was open to meet my team and this was a fruitful discussion. The reason I insisted to get Ben to talk with my team was that I wanted my team to get as excited as I was after attending Ben's workshop. This was definitely a very good decision. Thank you Ben!"


Netta Fiss

Director of HR & Administration



David Mcleod

"A good employee experience lies at the heart of truly engaging all our employees, so they feel real ownership for the success of their organisations.


We at Engage for Success ( are very pleased to collaborate with Ben in our joint quest to enable more workplaces to be truly engaging by being both productive and by offering a very positive employee experience''

David Macleod OBE, Co-Founder, Engage for Success

"I enjoyed the article (Bye, Bye HR?)- employee experience is a major part of the outcomes of HR work. Connecting the outcomes on the inside (employee) with outcomes on the outside (customer) is where HR creates value. Employee experience matters and it is good to start a focus there as building employees (or talent) has long been a viable outcome of good HR. Employees are a critical stakeholder of good HR work and have been for many years. The pivot from productivity to engagement to wellbeing to experience is a good evolution." 

Dave Ulrich,  Professor, University of Michigan; Co-founder of The RBL Group; #1 Management Educator & Guru by BusinessWeek; most influential thinker in HR of the decade by HR magazine

Alastair James McTavish


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