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"Employee Experience has never been more challenging or important. Ben Whitter offers pragmatic tips and tools as well as compelling EX research. The result is required reading."


Stuart Crainer, Co-Founder, Thinkers50


"Today's world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. It has become a business mandate to promote a human-centered management philosophy and practices. This is more urgent than ever before and relates to all business activities.


This new book from Mr. Whitter features ground-breaking research and explorations. It is a masterpiece worth reading."


― Mao Zhongqun, Chairman and President of FOTILE Group


"Having the right people culture is integral to the success of any company. Human Experience at Work provides crucial advice to help you motivate your colleagues, get them on board and keep them there."


― James Collier, Co-Founder, Huel


"People will go above and beyond if you appreciate, trust and empower them. This book provides an excellent insight into the importance of a positive human experience at work. Recommended reading for any business leader."


― Joanna Swash, Group CEO, Moneypenny


"Organizations have shifted their focus way beyond profit. Every leader has a responsibility to our planet, our people and our purpose as a human race. Having a systemic way to think through a different workplace experience and beyond, will help many more to immerse themselves in their own way of creating something special.


The future of work is already here and the more we co-create it, the more 'skin in the game' we have - this book will help you to co-lead it!"


― Raj Verma, Chief Diversity + Experience Officer, Sanofi


"Very powerful. This excellent book brings front and centre the importance of people to the social fabric of the business. Ben Whitter brilliantly captures the essence of what purpose-led organizations must do to create an environment where their people can thrive. A must-read book for anyone interested in building an organization fit for the 21st Century."


― Joseph Healy, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Judo Bank

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About Human Experience at Work

The only way for HR professionals to ensure sustainable top performance from their workforce is by taking a people-focused approach to their employees. 

To outperform their competitors, businesses need happy, engaged and committed employees performing to their full potential. Investing in new technologies or embracing people analytics won't achieve this but a people-focused approach will. It not only improves staff engagement, productivity and wellbeing but also secures the benefits for the business with Deloitte reporting in 2019 that 'organizations focusing on human experience are twice as likely to outperform their peers in revenue growth over a three-year period.' Human Experience at Work is a practical guide for HR professionals and those responsible for talent management which provides advice, examples and guidance on how to embed people-centred approach to staff development. 

Human Experience at Work covers what human experience is, the benefits for the organization, the benefits for employees, how to make it part of a talent management and organizational development strategy and how to leverage it. There is also coverage of how focusing on people and allowing them to be themselves at work creates a more diverse and inclusive work environment. Supported by case studies, insights, and examples from companies including GSK, Ford, IKEA, Fotile, Grenade, Huel, and Moneypenny.

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