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"Ben Whitter is not called 'Mr Employee Experience' without good reason. He pioneered the concept. Employee experience, along with Amy Edmondson's related concept of psychological safety, may prove to be the most profound management idea of all. In Employee Experience Strategy, Whitter offers a blueprint for making employee experience a reality."


― Des Dearlove, Co-founder, Thinkers50


"In the world of driving great employee experiences, we are competing with the best experience a consumer has ever had. We need a focus to make every day simple and special days really special. Ben does not only offer great examples and research but also clear strategic steps to deliver your compelling employee experience.


I would highly recommend to read this book if you want to start or boost your journey on employee experience."


― Tom Dewaele, Global Head of People Experience at Alphabet/Google


"The workplace has changed radically in recent years and few people have thought about it as carefully as Ben Whitter.


We've experienced the pandemic, remote working, 4-day weeks, quiet-quitting, social media boycotts, greenwashing, an office perks arms race and a new wave of Gen Z recruits arriving with a new set of expectations.

Whitter is a savvy guide who navigates all these issues, through the lens of his Employee Experience philosophy."


― Dougal Shaw, Author, CEO Secrets, Digital Business Reporter, BBC News


"Employee Experience is a very basic concept, intuitive to all of us who have experiences as employees, as customers and as people. But how do you take such a simple idea to a strategic level to the benefit of employees and companies alike?


That is where this book comes in, with all its fresh insights, inconvenient truths and aha-moments, Ben Whitter shows the way forward for HR and creates enthusiasm for the journey ahead."


― Timothy Vermeir, Editor-in-Chief, HR Square


"Ben Whitter offers a powerful blend of inspiration and actionability, contributing to our quest for even more people-centricity."


― Claude Rumpler, Chief People Experience Officer, L’Oréal


"The profound impact of Ben's work on my career and the affirmation it has provided for my decision to work in the field of employee experience, cannot be overstated. Ben's remarkable ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice is evident in his comprehensive and insightful books, which offer easily adoptable strategies and real-life examples. I firmly believe that Employee Experience Strategy is indispensable reading for anyone aspiring to revolutionize their approach to employee experience and drive transformative change within their organization."


― Julie Wix, Head of Staff Experience, University of Technology, Australia

Employee Experience Strategy_FEED.jpg

About Employee Experience Strategy 

EX is the ultimate management idea and has proven to be consistently actionable with verifiable results never far away. It is not abstract, it is tangible, and businesses (and people) enjoy that very much.


The employee experience is the defining challenge and opportunity for organizations of today, and a strong EX strategy is the foundation stone in building genuine and long-lasting business success.

  • EX is now an essential item of the strategic business discussion across senior management circles and, as a concept, it is starting to break through into all levels of management.

  • Business models are under pressure from all stakeholders to incorporate, integrate and improve EX performance.

  • Employees have welcomed and endorsed EX as a strategic and operational approach. Focusing on experiences, human centricity and co-creation are recognized behaviours of the world’s most trusted and admired brands.

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Employee Experience Strategy_FEED.jpg
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