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Employee Experience debuted as the #1 best-selling new HR book in the USA

Ben Whitter is recognized as one of the World's leading figures within HR and employee experience (EX); he is viewed as a pioneer in the EX field and his work has reached over 16 million colleagues worldwide.


Working across cultures and contexts, Ben is a unique global voice in the world of work and is a prolific speaker, writer, coach, and advisor; he helps organisations build advanced EX capabilities and thinking to deliver exceptional human and business outcomes.

Workshop Leader
Strategy Advisor
Keynote Speaker 
Executive Coach

"He's definitely the #1 figure in employee experience around the World right now" 

Ben's typical work revolves around:


  • Multinational corporations

  • Ambitious high growth businesses

  • Industry associations

  • Bodies such as SHRM

  • Conference and event producers

  • CEO's, Heads of EX, Chief People Officers, Directors of HR and employee-facing functions 

  • EX tech providers and consulting firms

Guiding companies to deliver a high impact local and global EX strategy and related functions, priorities, roles and responsibilities (advisory)

Acting as a catalyst to inspire leaders and audiences to take action on EX (speaking) 

Building EX understanding and capabilties within leaders/professionals (coaching)

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“Ben is a joy to work with. He is a great human being and an awesome speaker, engaging and professional, and any event is better for having him involved. The feedback for Ben's presentation was excellent, his keynote was ranked 1st by the HR Masters Summit audience: he is so positive, enthusiastic and human oriented, presenting with a great sense of humour.


I would highly recommend him."

Alexandra, Speaker Curator, Universum Events

HR Masters Summit

 Experience is everything. From pre-hire to retire, using the experience as a lens, we can maximize all the interactions an individual has with an employer over the long-term to create a deep sense of belonging and co-create high performance and stronger business outcomes.”

- Ben Whitter

Enjoying the Experience


"Ben is being talked about as the World’s ‘Mr Employee Experience’, and rightly so. He is at the forefront globally of shaping a new HR and workplace agenda.  Bottom-line- he walks the talk. If you want to get ahead with the employee experience within your business, call Ben or get yourself to one of his fantastic events."

"I see Ben as one of the global thought leaders within employee experience. Not only does he have the theoretical knowledge, but he's been practicing what he speaks. His talks are always enlightening and his articles are often thought provoking, and well thought through."

"Ben is an influential global voice in HR.  He has a compelling vision for employee experience and how it can increase value and drive business performance and differentiation.  I also really enjoy talking with Ben because he is a genuine expert in Asian business and culture, and he’s incredibly passionate about giving a platform to the leading innovation happening in our part of the world."

"Ben is at the very top of his game and is making a phenomenal contribution to the world of employee experience and HR. I know personally the massive impact his work has had. He researches, consults and advocates across markets so what you get is a truly global and leading-edge experience working with him. He’s definitely the #1 figure in employee experience around the World right now."

"In 2016, I attended Europe’s first employee experience conference in London, which Ben chaired and co-designed; it was the best HR event I have ever attended.  Working with Ben has convinced me that we are on the cusp of big changes in the way we deliver this experience for our employees – this is not just for HR to deliver but for leaders across the business."

“One of the World’s leading figures within employee experience is Ben Whitter. His compelling thought leadership, commentary and advocacy for employee experience is provoking the right conversations among HR executives right now. If you get the opportunity to attend one of Ben's events in person, take it. "




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Ben works with organisations and people on a global and local basis to help them deliver truly outstanding employee experiences and high performing organisations.

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