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Employee Experience Practitioner

 Welcome to the EX Practitioner Programme


Our work and research shows that employee experience is often a challenging and complex approach to get started with. Traditional methods of learning can inspire, but colleagues have expressed a need to go more deeply into the development of their EX craft, skills, and understanding. Yet, time is precious when our focus is on creating positive human-centred experiences. 


This is why we have developed the first virtual EX Practitioner programme in the World, which is based on our original work and research at the forefront of the EX movement.


It is a development experience built to directly support colleagues who are working on the employee experience strategy within their companies or advancing EX within their roles. The certification also recognises your existing experience and your experiences throughout the programme. 




Netta, HR Director, SAP

Client Feedback


Ben's workshop was different than others. It was more of: "walk the talk" - it was a great experience. The content was delivered differently.


The X factor as I see it is: different experience + practical tips to execute first thing in the morning. 

Why become an EX Practitioner?


  • Develop knowledge, skills, and capability within the EX field.

  • Share your EX journey and challenges with supportive and like-minded colleagues. 

  • Learn and interact directly with a pioneer in the EX field, Ben Whitter. 

  • Grow your career and impact in EX with a recognised certification co-created at the forefront of EX with global EX leaders.

How is it delivered? 


  • Over a period of 6 months through a combination of group coaching (6 x 90 minute sessions), reflection, self-assessment, and community learning.

  • Group numbers are limited to enhance the shared learning experience.

  • We connect you with our insights, research and expertise in a supportive virtual environment whilst assigning high-impact activities to deliver between group sessions.

Who will benefit?


  • Strategic leaders from employee-facing functions (EX, HR, IT, Digital, Comms, Marketing).

  • Business leaders and professionals wishing to develop their understanding and capabilities in EX.

  • CX professionals exploring how EX relates to their roles and functions.

  • CEO's, Directors, and Managers.

  • Coaches, consultants, and business owners to effectively apply EX within their work.


The entire programme is inspired and underpinned by the model of EX presented in the book, Employee Experience, published by Kogan Page in 2019.

Key Benefits: A Growth Experience 

Identify and overcome barriers with EX. Work with the resources and context you have to lead EX.

Leverage a focused and high-quality community of colleagues to co-create with and grow your impact. 

Make progress in the right places. Work on your real EX challenges and take immediate high-impact actions.

Deliver exceptional business and human outcomes working with an established and proven framework.

Learning Themes

Shaping EX Strategy: A new lens for EX 

Applying the Mindset & Principles of EX

High-Impact EX Journeys

Leaders as Architects of EX

Moments of Meaning within EX

The EX Team

Re-engineering HR 

EX Mandate & Stakeholders

The EX Factor

Jennifer, Head of EX, Hologic, Inc

Client Feedback


Ben is clearly a master of this topic and through the workshop helped clearly outline a framework for EX strategy development whilst demonstrating through real-life case studies what is possible regardless of industry or budget.  


A totally worthwhile investment if talent is a priority for your organisation!"

The sole focus of this exclusive experience is to help you get ahead with EX. Building capabilities, skills, and knowledge whilst also developing some life-long friendships with your fellow practitioners, this programme will change how you see and practice EX forever.  

Register Now

Start Date: July 2019

  • Is the programme open to anyone?
    No. To ensure effective learning transfer and real-world outcomes, we find that the programme best suits colleagues already working on EX in some way. This ensures that they can apply their learning directly to their roles, work, and life. This also ensures a positive and shared community learning experience.
  • How long does it take to become an EX Practitioner?
    Participants are required to complete the full programme, which usually takes 6 months.
  • Do I receive a certificate for my CPD?
    Of course. You will receive a certificate confirming your successful completion of the programme. However, successful completion of the programme will also give you access to a unique and life-long community. This is symbolized through a highly meaningful gift once you become an alumni of the programme and an EX Practitioner.
  • Are there discounts for multiple bookings, charities or public sector organisations?"
    Yes. Please contact us at to discuss.
  • What timezone do the group coaching calls follow?
    We work on your agenda, not ours. Timings for the 'live' sessions will be determined with you and your group members.
  • How many people are on each group?
    This is not one of the those programmes with large group coaching sessions. There is a place for that, of course, but our programme is designed to be in-depth and comprehensive development. Our groups are kept deliberately small to ensure high interaction and strong individual and collective progress with EX.
  • What if the virtual coaching approach doesn't suit me?
    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. The programme is designed for busy executives and professionals working on EX. It is rare they will get time to attend a one day training or week long course. This approach ensures they can develop their craft, skills and capability in a flexible, but high-impact way.
  • Will Ben Whitter lead the group coaching sessions?
    Yes, Ben is the primary experience leader and will also be joined by special guest faculty during the programme from the World of EX.
  • This sounds awesome! Can we run this for our company's internal EX team?
    Of course. We are happy to run this experience for companies either virtually or in-house, subject to location and availability.

Alumni Experience 

On completion of the programme, EX Practitioners become part of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) community of practitioners. This enables the learning journey and networking to continue well beyond the initial programme. 


"Ben is being talked about as the World’s ‘Mr Employee Experience’, and rightly so. He is at the forefront globally of shaping a new HR and workplace agenda.  Bottom-line- he walks the talk. If you want to get ahead with the employee experience within your business, call Ben or get yourself to one of his fantastic events."


"I see Ben as one of the global thought leaders within employee experience. Not only does he have the theoretical knowledge, but he's been practicing what he speaks. His talks are always enlightening and his articles are often thought provoking, and well thought through."

"Ben is an influential global voice in HR.  He has a compelling vision for employee experience and how it can increase value and drive business performance and differentiation.  I also really enjoy talking with Ben because he is a genuine expert in Asian business and culture, and he’s incredibly passionate about giving a platform to the leading innovation happening in our part of the world."

"Ben is at the very top of his game and is making a phenomenal contribution to the world of employee experience and HR. I know personally the massive impact his work has had. He researches, consults and advocates across markets so what you get is a truly global and leading-edge experience working with him. He’s definitely the #1 figure in employee experience around the World right now."

"In 2016, I attended Europe’s first employee experience conference in London, which Ben chaired and co-designed; it was the best HR event I have ever attended.  Working with Ben has convinced me that we are on the cusp of big changes in the way we deliver this experience for our employees – this is not just for HR to deliver but for leaders across the business."

“One of the World’s leading figures within employee experience is Ben Whitter. His compelling thought leadership, commentary and advocacy for employee experience is provoking the right conversations among HR executives right now. If you get the opportunity to attend one of Ben's events in person, take it. "

Would you like more information? Reach out to us anytime for a callback about the programme. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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