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Mr EX Named Top 30 HR Influencer!

Mr Employee Experience, Ben Whitter, has been named as one of the UK's top 30 HR Influencers.

"We took a fine-tooth comb to the UK’s HR space. We looked for practitioners undertaking pivotal roles and making outstanding contributions to the industry; those consistently innovating and inspiring others to create fulfilling workplaces", said Perkbox, the company that compiled the list in partnership with the industry's most prominent figures.

We caught up with Ben following another successful employee experience masterclass in Antwerp.

"It is a great honour to feature on this list and it is excellent recognition of our work at the forefront of the employee experience movement. It is also a clear example of the growing influence of employee experience within the HR profession. I'd like to thank Perkbox, my colleagues at the World Employee Experience Institute and our employee experience communities around the World".

Ben's celebrated employee experience world tour 2017 continues. Following recent trips to Israel and Belgium, Ben will be heading to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe next!

Contact us to add an event to his schedule.


More Details From Perkbox About the Top 30 HR Influencers

HR has come of age.

What was once a largely administrative department is now a sophisticated business partner and strategic enabler, capable of influencing organisational goals.

Playing a huge part in this transformation is the growing number of visionaries, disruptors, and forward-thinkers, who are introducing new and innovative HR practices.

Perkbox has recently published the Top 30 HR Influencers list to highlight those who are instrumental to this development.

Check out the other must-follow names on the #PerkboxInfluencer list


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