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The Power of Employee Experience!


Ben Whitter is described as "Mr Employee Experience”™. In 2017, and again in 2018, Ben was officially named as one of the world's leading experts and influencers within employee engagement and also acknowledged as one of the top 30 HR Influencers in the UK.

Ben is the Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI). Ben and his team partner with organisations worldwide to elevate the 'experience' of work as either a catalyst to get an EX approach started (EX Keynotes, EX Masterclasses, HR/EX Breakathons) or as a longer-term partner (EX Coaching & Consulting & Training).

Ben's writing, speaking and advocacy for employee experience have reached over 16 million colleagues worldwide. Ben is the Chairman of the UK Employee Experience Awards 2018.

Book Ben for a keynote, masterclass or EX Breakathon today!

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