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"Mr Employee Experience", Ben Whitter, named in the World's Top #101 for Employee Enga

The Employee Engagement Awards has announced its inaugural #Engagement101 list. The top influencers & experts in the world of Employee Engagement.

The list recognises people from all walks of business: the boardroom, HR, Internal Communications, Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurs. Each one has made a significant contribution to the development of Employee Engagement.

Some inspire action, some educate, some recognise, some have influence via social media. Some rip up the old and create new ways to engage people. But all of the 101 are passionate about Employee Engagement.

The top 101 list was compiled with contributions from all around the globe.

Matt Manners, founder of The Employee Engagement Awards said, “We have created this initial list as a starting point. We want to trigger people to go and look at the #Engagement101. We want them to research the 101, to follow them and to emulate them. Hopefully this will also inspire future members of #Engagement101 club.”

Ben Whitter, who is described as "the #1 figure in employee experience around the world right now" and operates globally from his base in China said, "It is a great honour to be recognised as one of the top influencers and experts in the world within employee engagement alongside people like Sir Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Weiner, and Simon Sinek.

This represents a defining moment for the employee experience movement globally. From pre-hire to retire we believe that the quality of the employee experience is prominent and highly influential, whether designed or not, throughout all the key moments of one’s journey within an organisation, and that this experience impacts strongly on engagement, productivity and performance outcomes.

I am delighted that my work has been acknowledged in this way and am very proud of the people I work with at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, and my partners and supporters around the World.”


Ben is leading the inaugural Employee Experience World Tour 2017 with appearances in 12 cities globally. The tour started in London with Europe's first ever employee experience conference for the World's top companies; Ben chaired and co-designed the event, which was described as the "best HR event ever" by Sky.

Ben talks, consults and writes about the employee experience as an approach to build connected, meaningful, and purposeful organisations that inspire the World and its people.


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