Engagement Zone Interview with Mr Employee Experience

Ben talked to Engagement Zone this month about all things employee experience. The original article can be found here.

We at the Engagement Zone sat down with #Engagement101 fellow – Ben Whitter of the World Employee Experience Institute, otherwise known as Mr Employee Experience. Whitter’s insight into employee experience has been celebrated and adopted by companies all over the world with his seminal article Bye, Bye HR attracting over 600,000 impressions making it the most viewed HR article. We ask Ben his top tips for engagement as well as effective strategies he has seen.

EZ: What does employee engagement mean to you?

BEN: Employee engagement is an outcome. Great organisations achieve high engagement from their employees, which contribute to performance, productivity and customer satisfaction through the intentional design of an integrated, high value, and compelling employee experience. Similarly, poor organisations achieve low employee engagement outcomes through a consistently mediocre, incongruent, and misaligned employee experience approach.

EZ: What are your three tips for companies looking to drive engagement in their organisations?


  • Genuinely put your people first by formally committing to deliver a great employee experience through a clear mandate at top team level; make someone accountable for the holistic employee experience and the quality of it.

  • Reboot your support functions, especially HR, and get them facilitating the employee experience in a thoughtful and human-centred way.

  • Define, Design, and Deliver an authentic employee experience that is locked into business strategy and outcomes. Get to work and co-create this with employees prioritising identified pain points within the employee experience journey.

EZ: What do you feel are the biggest pitfalls that companies should look to avoid when executing their engagement strategy?

BEN: Having a strategy in the first place. Organisations should have one business strategy. Everything else is there to deliver it. There should be no gap between the business mission/vision and employees. Bind your approach to the employee experience (and ambitions for engagement levels) into the business strategy. Design and iterate. Avoid short-termism, fads, and stuff that you don’t really believe in, but feel compelled to do – this is the most persistent error within employee engagement. With the correct mandate, you will no longer spend years trying to get buy-in from passive middle managers.