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Bucharest, Dracula & Employee Experience

I was delighted to keynote the HR Masters Summit in May as part of Bucharest Technology Week. My keynote focused on introducing the EX concept to an audience of HR professionals. I also like to fuse elements of the local context into my talks so a trip to Dracula's castle made for the perfect preparation! I learned about how Bram Stoker built his famous tale on local history, myths and legends. It was revealing in many ways and a great reminder that the best employee experiences build on the past to deliver a fantastic future. Organisations have deep memories and that is a well we can draw on when crafting experiences that are meaningful and live long in the memory.

Do what Bram did. To create an experience that lasts, draw on the past, build on your strengths, and co-create it with the people and the resources you have available!

The feedback was excellent from the conference organisers and demonstrates another point about connecting the global to the local. For EX to be delivered to a high standard across contexts and cultures, we must take a 'glocal' approach.

Thanks to Bucharest and my new colleagues for an excellent experience!

“Ben is a joy to work with. He is a great human being and an awesome speaker, engaging and professional, and any event is better for having him involved. I had the pleasure to collaborate with Ben, when he kindly agreed to be a speaker at HR Masters Summit, part of Bucharest Technology Week 2018. The feedback for Ben's presentation was excellent, his keynote was ranked 1st by the HR Masters Summit audience: he is so positive, enthusiastic and human oriented, presenting with a great sense of humor. Also, he added a huge value to the event by being a participant in a panel on "The digital transformation of work”. I would highly recommend him."​

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