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► What is the right employee experience approach for a particular context?
► How do you build employee experiences that help deliver superior engagement and performance levels?
► Where do we start with this from here and now?
► What does this really mean for senior HR leaders?





Senior HR leaders with strategic organisational influence; General managers of business units responsible for implementing HR strategy and employee-facing functions.


World's Mr Employee Experience 2018.007.

"The Sydney Masterclass was highly interactive and practical.  A small group meant you really felt that personal touch and an there was an opportunity to really learn from Ben and others in the room.  Key takeaways for us were that we were doing some stuff already, but just needed to join the dots a bit more.  We also realised we needed to ask the right questions to really challenge our thinking around the type of employee experience we could create at our organisation.  Finally we learnt not to procrastinate – just start, as small steps can also change the world."


Pam Markham-Barrett, Head of Reward & HR Services, Bank of New Zealand 


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